24" x 24" LED Photoshoot Lighting Tent with Air Hanging Ceiling String

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[1x] 24" x 24" Light Box
[2x] 120 LED Bar [2x] Elastic Length Adjustable String Clip
[1x] Poly Sticky Clay Sheet
[1x] White/Black/Sky Blue/Light Orange PVC Background
[1x] White Diffuser Cover
[10x] Adhesive Velcro Strip
[1x] AC110-220V Power Adapter
[1x] Product Instruction



  • ?????€?FLOATING IN TEH AIR?€? Designed for hanging your item easily with elastic length adjustable string. Use a spring clip to hold your object without any hassle.
  • ?????€?PROP-UP WITH STICKY CLAY?€? Easily set up round objects or irregular shapes with reusable poly sticky clay. Place objects in many different ways. On the floor, on the wall, or stacking on top of other objects.
  • ?????€?DIMMABLE 120 LED BAR / 4000 LUMEN?€? Position adjustable LED strip. 120 LED Light, 4000LM, 10-level brightness, 3-color mode (White: 7000K Warm: 3000K Daylight: 5000K)
  • ????€?SOFTEN LIGHT WITH DIFFUSER?€? For reflective subjects, install the diffuser cloth under the LED light to prevent the light spots from being reflected on the subjects. Also can be used with an elastic string hanger clip.
  • ?????€?MULTI-ANGLE SHOOTING?€? Front and top openings give you options to take photos from different angles to show the best features and beauty of your object.
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