Black/Silver & White/Translucent Photo Umbrella Lighting Complete Kit (33 inch)

SKU: LKW2023


Limo Studio's Umbrella Lighting Kit will provide the highest quality studio set.
By using the lighting umbrellas to diffuse the light, the camera will be able to capture a full spectrum of color with neutral skin tones and soft supple light. Get started taking professional quality portraits with this versatile and easy to use lighting set up.

Spread out Even Light
White translucent umbrellas are used as an inexpensive and effective way to spread out a light. The best type of lighting modifier for beginning flash photographers.

Soften Light & Natural Shadows
This softens the light and casts more gentle shadows on the subject than if the photo was taken without the umbrella.

Neutral Color of Light
A plain white umbrella will offer the most neutral color of light.

[2 x] 33" Translucent White Umbrella Reflector
[2 x] 82.3" Max-height Light Stand
[3 x] 45W Photo CFL Bulb
[3 x] Single Head Photo Light Holding Socket

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