7.6"(W) x 6.6"(H) / 92"(W) x 79.5"(H) Large White Screen Pull-up Style with Auto-Locking Frame


SKU: LKW1086

$249.83 $287

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??[ X 1] White collapsible screen with auto- locking frame portable aluminum hard case??
- [ Dimensions ] Item Size: 7.6 ft. (W) x 6.6 ft. (H) [ 92 inch (W) x 79.5 inch (H) ] / Screen Size: 7.4 ft. (W) x 6.4 ft. (H) [ 89 inch (W) x 76.25 inch (H) ]
-??Professional full wide size white screen designed for streamers and content creators. 7.4 ft. The large white screen area for full-body effects and multiple participants.
- Quick & Easy set up & sturdy and convenient storage : Easy set-up in less than 10 Seconds / At home, at work, or on the go, your personal studio is ready in seconds. Just open the case, roll out the screen, and retract the backdrop into the built-in hard aluminum case. Very easy for your storing and carrying.
??- Wrinkle-resistant & made of professional screen fabric: The collapsible design ensures the white screen is free from wrinkles, dust, or defects.
??- White screens perfect for any audience: Get that polished look every time / our screen makes it easy to make a great impression, whether you are creating a video in-house, hosting a video call, or Job Interview.

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