20 x 10.3 feet (W x H) Widely Adjustable Backdrop Support System

SKU: LKW1009


Photo Studio Background Support Stand & Cross Bar
Photo studio background muslin support system efficiently holds any kinds of photo/video backgrounds with easy & quick installation and good stability. Unlike any other backdrop support system, it includes tripod stand on each end and extra in the middle for more secure support.

[3 x] Support Stand
- Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
- Height Adjustable: Max 10.3 ft.
- Quick Single Action Lock
- Air Cushioned Joints
- Fast Precision Height Adjustment

[9 x] Cross Bar
- Adjustable Width with Maximum of 22 ft.
- Self Interlocking System
- Assembles & Disassembles Quickly

[8 x] Backdrop Clamp
- Length: 4-inch
- Material: Metal
- Holds Canvas, Muslin, Paper Firm and Secure

[1 x] Carry Bag
- Premium Quality Fabric Material
- Contains all Components

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