10 x 9.2 feet (W x H) Enhanced Heavy Duty Photo Video Studio Backdrop Stand with Carry Bag

SKU: LKW1006


Backdrop Support Stand & Cross Bar Kit
Professional lightweight support for backdrops, aluminum alloy construction for durability and portability. Easy to adjust and very flexible for the various size backdrops.
Perfect use for photo/video studio shooting indoors and outdoors. Whether it is used indoors or outdoors, all the tools you need to come in a premium quality carrying bag for easy transportation.

[2 x] 9.2 ft. Stand
- Self Interlocking System
- Height Adjustable: Min 3.3 ft.- Max 9.2 ft
- Width Adjustable: Min 5 ft.(2 cross bars)- Max 10 ft.(4 cross bars)
- Max 9.2 ft. Made of 100% aluminum material

[4 x] Crossbar
- Adjustable width (Min 5 ft. ?€? Max 10 ft.)
- aluminum alloy support stand
- no sag when hang backdrops within 35 lbs

[8 x] String Clip Holders

[4 x] Strong Spring Clamps

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