10.3 x 9.4 feet (W x H) Adjustable Backdrop Stands, with Mounting Hardware and 6 Pack Spring Clamp, Carry Bag

SKU: LKW1011



[2 x] Backdrop Support Stand
- Height Adjustable: Min 2.7 ft.
- Max 9.4 ft., Guarantees Durability, Safety, Balance, and Lifetime Keeping

[3 x] Crossbar
- Width Adjustable: Min 5 ft. (2 Crossbars)
- Max 10 ft. (4 Crossbars)

[2 x] Crossbar Mounting Hardware
- you can set up three bars so you can show a variety of productions.

[6 x] Heavy Duty Spring Clamp
- 4.5 In. Equipped with a strong spring, these clamps are suitable for long-term use without the risk of weakening.

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