10 x 8.5 feet (W x H) 6 Legs Backdrop Support System

SKU: LKW1010

LimoStudio?€?s new Sixpod Backdrop Support System is the latest equipment to break into the market of professional photography. The Sixpod features 6 precisely positioned solid safety leg stages for unrivaled stability. Assembly takes a matter of minutes and the stands will support up to 3 backgrounds simultaneously, so you can efficiently change your sets while saving your time.

Height Adjustable Levers
Easily adjust the height to as tall as 8.5 ft.
Each stand has 6 built-in security locks for maximum stability.

6 Reinforced Legs
Double-reinforced legs ensure your stands are sturdy and won't wobble, without the added bulk.

Efficient Design
Quickly switch between up to 3 backdrops at a time so you can always have the background you need.

[2 x] Sixpod Support Stands
-??6 Solid Safety Leg Stages
- Adjustable Height: 8.5 ft. Max
- Supports Up to 3 Crossbar Sets

[1 x] 6 pcs Crossbar Sets
- Adjustable Width: Max 10 ft.
- Self-Interlocking System
- Assembles/Disassembles Quickly

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